Lam Hung Pak Mei

Chinese Herbs Tea for Disease

All herbs tea easy to use, don't need cook

Internal use : each time take one tea bags add hot water and drink, each tea bag 

use two time



Health medicine tea


有病治病, 無病強身

Ill treating diseases, no disease strong body


Chinese Herbs Health Tea ( 1 )

$ 10.99 USD


清熱解毒, 清肝明目

Clear heat and detoxification

clear liver and eyesight

14 bags 


補五臟, 補氣血, 健身養胃, 益腎養肝

Fill the five internal organs

Replenish Qi and blood

Health body and support stomach

Beneficial kidney and support liver

                            14 bags 

Chinese Herbs Health Tea ( 2 )

$ 10.99 USD



Chinese Herbs Health Tea ( 3 )

$ 10.99 USD


温補氣血, 通经活络, 收斂止汗


Warm fill qi and blood

Pass through meridian active

Convergence and stop sweat

14 gabs


養肝排毒, 净化血液

Support liver and detoxification

Purification blood

14 bags

Chinese Herbs Health Tea ( 4 )

$ 10.99 USD



Chinese Herbs Health Tea ( 5 )

$ 10.99 USD


補氣補血, 調節免疫力

Fill qi and fill Blood

Regulate immunity

14 bags


明目, 胆固醇



14 bags


Chinese Herbs Health Tea ( 6 )

$ 10.99 USD



Chinese Herbs Health Tea ( 7 )

$ 10.99 USD


慢性腎炎水肿, 肝性水肿


Chronic nephritis edema

Hepatic edema

Reduce the effectiveness of white urine

14 bags


益氣健脾, 長氣, 降血壓

Benefit qi and spleen

Long gas

Drop blood pressure

14 bags

Chinese Herbs Health Tea ( 8 )

$ 10.99 USD



Chinese Herbs Health Tea ( 9 )

$ 10.99 USD


减肥, 袪濕, 排毒

Lose weight

Remove wet


14 bags


益氣, 健脾, 開胃

Benefit qi

Health spleen


14 bags

Chinese Herbs Health Tea ( 10 )

$ 10.99 USD



Chinese Herbs Health Tea ( 11 )

$ 10.99 USD


補充肝腎, 養血, 安神, 補氣, 预防白内障

Prevention of cataract

Supplement liver and kidney

Nourishing blood

Soothe spirit

Supplement qi 

14 bags


益氣強肝, 排除廢物, 供應更多氧氣

提高記憶力, 性持久力

Benefit qi and strong liver

Waste removal

Supply more oxygen

Improve memory

Sexual stamina

14 bags

Chinese Herbs Health Tea ( 12 )

$ 10.99 USD



Chinese Herbs Health Tea ( 13 )

$ 10.99 USD


改善腎功能肝硬化水腫, 降血壓


Improve renal cirrhosis and edema

Drop blood pressure

Eliminate protein

14 bags


調整神经系统, 延缓皱纹, 降血壓

降血脂, 降血糖

Adjusting the nervous system

Delay wrinkles

Drop blood pressure

Drop blood lipid

Drop blood sugar

14 bags

Chinese Herbs Health Tea ( 14 )

$ 10.99 USD



Chinese Herbs Health Tea ( 15 )

$ 10.99 USD


補氣, 频尿, 夜尿

Fill qi

Frequent urine


14 bags


調和血氣, 活血, 氣興旺血

Reconcile blood

Activating blood

Qi make thriving blood

14 bags

Chinese Herbs Health Tea ( 16 )

$ 10.99 USD



Chinese Herbs Health Tea ( 17 )

$ 10.99 USD


口干, 口苦, 口臭

Dry mouth


Bad breath

14 bags


抗病毒, 抗菌, 消炎, 保肝利胆




Protect liver and gallbladder

14 bags

Chinese Herbs Health Tea ( 18 )

$ 10.99 USD



Chinese Herbs Health Tea ( 19 )

$ 10.99 USD



Fill qi

Clear heat

14 bags




 14 bags

Chinese Herbs Health Tea ( 20 )

$ 10.99 USD



Eczema Tea 湿疹茶 ( 21 )

$ 10.99 USD


Chinese doctor did not like

Internal medicine don’t like treat asthma

External medicine don’t like treat skin 


14 bags


Moisturizing kidney tea for

Elderly perspiration

Night sweats

Tianjin wound thirsty


Forgetfulness and insomnia

14 bags

Moisturizing kidney Tea 保湿肾茶 ( 22 )

$ 10.99 USD



Fill Qi and Blood Tea 補氣血茶 ( 23 )

$ 53.99 USD


This herbs tea 100 % good for woman, because woman

 have Menstruation, need to fill the blood, also for man too.

When people feel no energy and tired, because qi is no

 running good and body missing blood, that why make 

human body weak, Chinese herbs tea can fill your qi and

 blood in your system, bring back your energy, what you 

can do is simple.

Two way to drink, first cook the water, and put one tea

 bag in the cup, add water to the cup and cover for 10 

minute and drink, after you finish, you still can add water

 again, drink until no taste.

Second way is use 4 tea bags cook with big pot water, 

and sit in the refrigerator, drink one every day, before you

 drink, make sure warm up before you dink. simple and help.

One order come with 30 packs, can use for 3 months

Order to make



Clear up artery all fat and rubbish in you 

blood tube, easy to use, no cooking, just


add hot water and drink

Order come with 24 packs

Order to make

Vascular Scavenger Tea 血管清道夫茶 ( 24 )

$ 29.99 USD



Low Blood Pressure Tea ( 25 )

$ 29.99 USD


Reduce low blood pressure

Easy to use, no coking

Just add hot water and drink

Order come with 24 packs

Order to make

Special herbs Autoimmune Disease.

package box 12 bags.

AutoimmuneTea 自身免疫茶 ( 26 )

$ 30.99 USD



Prevention Stroke Tea 预防中风茶 ( 27 )

$ 61.99 USD


Licorice Root ( Gan Cao ), Mulberry Twig

 ( Sang Zhi )

Licorice clean upheat and detoxication

Mulberry comfortable meridian, 

prevention numbness, prevention of stroke

One order 25 bags 

Supply for 2 month



Taste : sweet, light, cool.

Meridian : stomach, large intestine, small


Indications : detoxification, diuretic 

swelling, promoting blood circulation, stop


For appendicitis appendicitis ) boils 

swollen poisonheat jaundice

Dysuria embolism, topical treatment 

of boils carbuncles, snake bites

One order 10 bags for 2 month supply

Special for people had cancer already

Cancer Herbs Tea 癌症草药茶 ( 28 )

No Image Available

$ 80.99 USD


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