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People have three desperate lives 

Once the signs of these three must be manifested, it shows that our life process is about to

enter the final stage 

First, is the spleen, spleen performance, just don't eat 

This is an old people with a very high age, in the period before the natural death, often do

not want to eat, or eat very little, or simply don't eat, still, Just someone who feeding eats

one bit, without feeding no bite, therefore, many people think people want eat or not, can

they eat, seeing the main sign of whether life is about to end 

This phenomenon, is spleen qi desperate, we all know, food eat into the stomach, stomach

qi is falling, secretary accepts, normal stomach, we will have the desire to eat, but, the 

stomach is as a focal point, its function is deeply affected by the spleen, from the 

perspective of the theory of viscera in Chinese medicine, the spleen is the boss, the

stomach is the second child, spleen qi not rising, then the stomach qi does not drop, the 

spleen can transport water, the stomach can receive the water, so, don't want to eat, spleen

desire performance 

Of course, the spleen is the source of qi and blood biochemistry, its qi is declining, no

blood irrigation, at this time, life is almost over

Then, how can make spleen qi not endless?

Second, is qi, when qi ending, just not speaking

We will find that, the older the person, talk less, even talk, it is also a low voice, and 

those who are dying, they only open mouths, can't speak, therefore, we speak loud, full of

qi person, see as a healthy person

The sound is emitted, Chinese medicine believes that lung qi acts on the vocal cords, 

caused by the throat, lung, breathing as the entire division, the key to driving the 

operation of the qi, in the sound, in the process of issuing the language, play an important

role, and so, don't talk, lazy, the sound is low and weak, it is one of the portrayal of the 

operation of the lungs that cannot be promoted

Regrettably, the operation of qi in the body tends to stop, it also means that the operation

of the viscera tends to stop, here the dirty qi operation, in fact, it refers to the function of 

the organs, need to know, qi this thing rise and drop access, the ancients regarded it as the

fundamental guarantee for the function of the internal organs, that is everything is dirty, 

heart, liver, spleen, lung, kidney, any dirty, have their qi, running continuously, qi 

disappears, then the function of the viscera disappears, so, without saying a word, voice is

low, that is, the lungs will be exhausted, in addition, the internal organs qi are no longer

moving up and down, of course, that is, the performance of life is coming to an end

Then, how can make the lungs better, for a longer time to come to the promotion and

operation of the main air?

Third, It’s the kidney, the performance of the kidney, It’s not color, the disappearance of 

sexual desire

Physically healthy, the production of normal sexual desire, is a complicated mechanism, 

it is about the heart, in the heart on fire, the kidney phase fires up, it is also about the 

liver, the main line of the liver, longing for the opposite sex, originating from liver qi 

normal evacuation, it is also about our spleen, stomach, after all, full of qi and blood, then

the mind is calm, the mind is functioning normally, we will be happy with the beauty, but

let's go, the final link, still inseparable from the kidney

Kidney essence, one of the main functions of kidney essence, is the division of 

reproduction, and so, longing for the opposite sex, it is the embodiment of the function of

the essence of reproduction in the kidney, where mortals enter the house and are stronger

than the role, all of them are full of fire, kidney qi, yin, the kidney plays a central decisive

role in the reproduction of the sexes, therefore, when no longer have a desire for the

opposite sex, it shows that the kidney is end, kidney essence end

But, kidney qi is not only primary reproduction, kidney qi is the root cause of a dirty 

body, kidney essence is the total source of the essence of the body, our kidney essence, 

hosted with kidneys, at the same time of birth, it’s hidden in the five internal organs, the 

essence of the kidney is the capital of the human life bank, its demise, means the 

exhaustion of the roots of life, the beginning of life, development, the process of growth

and decline, in fact, it is the process of kidney failure, therefore, when our normal sexual

desire disappears, means that life is coming to an end

Beneficial kidney method, moxibustion waist, belly button both side Ming Men point, 

here is the fire of the gate of life, burning place, moxibustion here, can boost kidney qi

So remember, want to eat, want sex, want talk, this is the normal state of human life, the

three most basic desires and expressions, as long as we are healthy, no crash, they will

accompany us, face them, understand them, for us to know life and the human body,

know yourself, to better maintain health, have important value

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