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Chinese Herbs

( Learn herbs name, medicinal taste, what meridian belong to, herbs feature, 

indications, dosage, external use or external use )

Human Body Never Point

( Learn where is location human body nerve point, never point number ) 

Chinese Treatment Video 


(  chinese dit da massage )

( chinese cupping )

( moxibustion )

( gua sha )

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Look diagnosis

Whole diagnosis

Local diagnosis

Look Excretion

Tongue diagnosis

Look a few fingerprints

Explain the four diagnostic TCM 解说中医四診断

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$ 19.99 USD


Knowledge Whole Human Body Nerve Point

$ 59.99 USD


Human Body Important Point Detailed 


Special effects points set

Whole body acupuncture treatment

Cupping point treatment


This book you can learn what kind disease 

and what chinese herbs use, 

Circulatory diseases

Digestive system diseases

Urinary diseases

Blood and hematopoietic diseases

Internal system disease

Metabolic disease

Rheumatic diseases

Male disease

Whole body disease 全身疾病

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$ 36.99 USD



Treatment of pain on the match points 治痛对穴介绍

$ 19.99 USD


This book show you when two different

 never point  match together, what

kind disease help

Total 8 pages


This book show you where is the 

human nerve point 

How many point at lung meridian of taiyin 

How many point at large intestine meridian of hand yangming

How many point at stomach meridian of foot yangming

How many point at spleen meridian of foot taiyin

How many point at heart meridian of hand shaoyin

How many point at small intestine meridian of hand taiyang

How many point at bladder meridian of foot taiyang

How many point at pericardium meridian of hand jueyin

How many point at triple energizer meridian of hand shaoyang

How many point at gall bladder meridian of food shaoyang

How many point at liver meridian of food jueyin

Total 29 pages

Meridians and acupuncture points - Quick Find 经络与穴位-

$ 21.99 USD



Beginner moxibustion and reaction 初学艾灸及反应

$ 19.99 USD


Beginner Moxibustion and Reaction 

This book show you how the disease

come and how you treat by nerve

pointseasy to learn. 


This book show you what kind

disease and what nerve points you

treat, also each disease come with

nerve point name, number and picture 

Moxibustion secret 灸法秘传

$ 29.99 USD



Chinese Foot Massage Treatment 中 醫 足 療

$ 49.99 USD


Foot massage book is let you know 


health functions of the human body

Foot massage can cure what disease

Total 37 pages


Traditional chinese herbs medical annotation 各種藥材註解英

$ 280.99 USD


This book show you, what kind

herbs, what taste, what Meridian

that into function, indications, 

amount use, topical, note

Total page 189

Every herbs with chinese name

and english name and also picture


This book show you how you mix with

fruits and vegetable tea to treat what


kind disease, ingredients, approach


Total 19 page

Fruits. vegetable. tea encyclopedia and efficacy 蔬果茶大全及功效

$ 29.99 USD



Fruit medicinal knowledge 水果藥用常识

$ 49.99 USD


It had information what kind vitamin

How many ingredients should take 

What fruit good for meridian

What kind disease take what kind fruit

 will treat 

This book had 36 pages


Basic knowledge of acupuncture points


Beneficial qi strong yang

Human body benefit awakened

Benefit water through leaching

Large intestinal meridian

Level liver extinguished

Resuscitate wake up

Clear heat

Warm meridian

Remove wind dehumidification

Comfortable bones activity meridian

This book had 384 page, it had human body picture, never point name, never point number, what meridian for and what kind disease will treat, add different never point will help other disease, easy to learn 

Basic knowledge of acupuncture points 穴位知識大全

$ 288.99 USD



Chinese cupping treatment knowledge 拨罐知識

$ 39.99 USD


Cupping Brief History 拔罐简史现代时期
Development of cupping therapy拔罐疗法发展概况
The cupping TCM theoretical basis 拔罐的中医理论依据
Mechanism of cupping therapy in Western medicine拔罐疗法的中西医机理
Cupping therapy five Note拔火罐治疗有五项注意
Science cupping five Precautions科学拔罐五大注意事项
The functions and features of cupping therapy拔罐疗法的功能及特点
About six cupping security了解这六点 拔罐才安全
Cupping posture拔罐的体位
Tank with suction pulling method罐具吸拔方法
Chinese cupping is how to operate中医拔罐如何操作
Cupping time not too long拔火罐时间不宜过长
Cupping Mo efficacy to cans India 拔火罐莫以罐印定疗效
Cupping improper use can cause disease拔罐使用不当也能致病
Structure and function of internal organs of the human body人体内脏结构和功能
Cupping method闪罐法
Cupping method火罐法
Take the pot method走罐法
Leaving cans of Law留罐法
Transfer tank method转罐法
Spin-pot method旋罐法
Shake method摇罐法
Pulling method提罐法
Acupuncture and cupping method针罐法
Gallipot Law药罐法
Bomb tank law弹罐法
Rang tank method响罐法
Coffee pot method 熨罐法
Moving cupping therapy走罐疗法
With cupping method刺络拔罐法
What is a foam tan什么是发泡罐
Cupping, to ascertain the cause and then start拔火罐,弄清病因再下手
Child Health Cupping儿童保健拔罐
Young adults care Cupping青壮年保健拔罐
In elderly care Cupping中老年保健拔罐


This book show you what main nerve 

point add match nerve point to treat 

different disease, also come with the 

picture, easy to learn

Total 74 pages

Cupping action adaptation scope and methodology 拔罐法作用范围

$ 69.99 USD



Whole body acupuncture treatment point 全身穴位治病

$ 142.99 USD


This book show you the human body 

whole body nerve point

what kind disease can treat under signal 


what other point add will; treat other 


total page  81


This book 

Show you each never point 


What kind 


Total 11 pages

Special effects points set 特效穴位集

$ 19.99 USD


Whole Body Disease 全身疾病

$ 35.99 USD


This book show you what kind disease


 what Chinese Herbs to use

Total pages 29

This book show you what disease

you massage to healing

book had nerve point name and picture 

Total 14 pages

Massage points treatment 按摩穴位治病

$ 19.99 USD


30 kinds of moxibustion reaction 应对方案大全艾灸必备

$ 49.99 USD


This book show you 30 kinds after moxa

reaction and 70 different kinds disease

nerve point treatment

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