Lam Hung Pak Mei Athletic Associatio 明洲林雄白眉體育會 雷龍春功夫健身學院

Welcome to Lam Hung Pak Mei Athletic Association of Minnesota

Simon Lui Kung Fu Physical Institute

Lui's Chinese Herbs Treatment Center

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   縱  學  萬  相  無  有  英  學  學  尊

   然  得  兩  逄  親  親  雄  得  仁  祖

   廢  白  黃  不  有  無  半  武  學  尊

   石  眉  金  是  義  義  點  功  義  師

   變  真  也  忠  則  不  不  能  學  尊

   金  技  不  良  可  可  欺  守  武  武

   磚  藝  傳  輩  傳  教  人  己  功  道









 Honor your ancestors, your teacher and the martial principles

Learn benevolence, righteousness and then learn Kung Fu

Those Whom master real Kung Fu will become empowered and defend one’s self well

Heroes do not deceive, oppress or take advantage of others

If you meet someone hom is not loyal or virtuous

You may not teach that person even for 10,000 ounces of gold

However if a stranger is righteous and has principles, you may teach that person

After having practiced Pak Mei Kung Fu well, one will hold great value within

 For anything you come in contact with will reflect that value, even a stone

 Master William Lam

Sifu Simon Lui



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