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Any one have Physical problems, any kind Disease, you can send the information to me, 

I can found our what kind Chinese treatment for you.

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Special Dit Da Treatment 

Herbal Moxa Treatment

Moxibustion is the one of medicine's oldest therapies, Tang Sun Simiao essays set <<Prescriptions for Emergency>>, to promote the use of moxibustion combined with medication, pay attention to the amount moxibustion. Was also set up a "moxibustion teacher" said the professional shows that moxibustion in China at this time has developed into an independent school discipline. Moxibustion is the use of Ai Shun Yeung fire heat and the drug to the human body to thermal stimulation, the conduction through the meridians and acupoints to regulate the internal organs of the yin and yang balance, in order to achieve the anti-pain treatment, health care purposes.

 Through the meridians

Qi and blood

Dewetting by cold

Swelling Sanjie

Yang deficiency

Preventing the diseases 



Cupping is the use of tanks, pipes and other apparatus, so that negative pressure, and adsorption in the muscular form of treatment. TCM believes that this method can not only absorb the attached surface of wind, cold, wet pathogenic factor, but also by stimulating acupoints, to clear the meridians, qi and blood, heat the role of detoxification.

Cans of different devices with different selected points (or area) and with other therapies, this method can be played by the temperature and cold, qi and activating blood, getting a vivid, solid and gas yang, dispelling wind and dehumidification different effects. The main clinical use rheumatism, stomach problems, headaches, colds, cough, low back pain.

All in all aspects of cupping application to pathogenic wind-based disorders, common flash tank method, that is rapid and continuous suction wipe several times. Cold pathogen-based, multi-pot method used to stay. Cupping refers to the adsorption device can repeatedly push and pull, this method is more generous for the dorsal-ventral muscle areas. As the concentration of a bladder organs shu points, Mu points, is the most commonly used method can go through by the site.

Cupping is also applicable to the adjuvant treatment of cancer to cancer pain are the most suitable. Most patients who can remain a multi-site cupping method, acupuncture points with a flash fire in the remaining 10 to 15 minutes until the cupping area congestion, congestion, it will can be removed.

 Spinal Restoration Therapy

Spinal nerve pressing shift, in different segments can cause a different pain, may have a direct impact on waist neck pain, many other medical illnesses such as stomach pain, irregular menstruation, etc. can be caused by spinal cord displacement. The spine posture is incorrect and the shift from the direct result of less movement; also due to improper diet, often caused by eating raw frozen drink, the mechanism of spleen governing muscle, spleen and stomach exposure to cold, the muscles on both sides of uneven quality, resulting in displacement of the spine. 

Spinal problem is the most common causes of low back pain, but also the causes of human aging is one of the earliest, no one would like health and longevity, but there are few serious spinal problems longevity, the average life expectancy hump around 40 years old is a strong strong evidence that all chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, dysmenorrhea, infertility and other diseases often can be found before the corresponding position in the spine structural changes.

Moxibustion Treatment of Hypertension

Hypertension is an important factor in causing brain disease, can lead to cerebral circulation dysfunction, therefore, control of hypertension can effectively prevent the occurrence of cerebrovascular diseases. Properly used moxibustion buck buck very quick, sometimes faster than the effective antihypertensive drugs, and does not cause blood pressure to low. Regulation by moxibustion with two-way, high blood pressure can drop to low blood pressure rise.  

Clear blood stasis therapy

As the old saying goes: "strange diseases more stasis." Stasis the product of the body, bleeding resistance, poor blood is a pathological change, can cause a variety of ailments, including cancer and many diseases.

Product stasis can be caused directly by trauma or collision; also indirect blood from the stagnation of qi Erzhi obstruction, or qi and blood circulation slow, or phlegm in the context of resistance, or cold pathogen human blood, blood coagulation Haner, or evil heat into the blood, suffering blood, etc., are sufficient to form a product stasis.

Clear the body of the product stasis, the vast majority of illnesses can be self-healing power through the human body be healed, no longer rely on Western medicine. There is accumulation of blood stasis in vivo, through the four examinations (Wang, leisure, questioning) and Qigong detectable.

Moxibustion Treatment of Hypertension

Chinese medicine, diabetes is Diabetes Disease, points on the consumer, the consumer, lower consumption, is the five internal organs are virtual. The Chinese believe that diabetes is blood, yin and yang imbalance, internal organs, pancreas disorders, a variety of trace elements causes a chronic disease. Treatment Rule: Wing Yin fluid, heat and moistening. Moxibustion can effectively control diabetes, which are reported in a lot of information. Moxibustion to the patient's nutrition can be effectively absorbed and used to enhance the body's own immune function and disease disease prevention capabilities, to prevent a series of complications, truly for the treatment of tackling the problem.

Moxibustion Treatment of Hypertension

Hypertension is an arterial blood pressure mainly to the clinical syndrome, is a Chinese medicine, dizziness, headache category. Hypertension can be divided into two major categories of primary and secondary, which accounts for about 90% of essential hypertension. Drug use foot bath, can effectively prevent and reduce high blood pressure symptoms.

Muscle Therapy

Relieves muscle tension and fatigue. Reduces hyper-tension and for the recovery after physical injuries.


Sports Massage

Relieves soreness, minor injuries, headaches, repetitive motion injuries, and for training, preparation and recovery from athletic exertion.

Relaxation Massage

Relaxation massage assists in relieving muscle tension and fatigue, the therapist uses Chinese traditional massage techniques which allow you to relax your body and mind.


Dit Da Massage

Dit Da Massage is the use of Chinese herbal medicine with massage to treat physical injuries  and relieve sore muscles.

Benefits of Massage

Incressed Circulation

Stimulates the flow blood and oxygen into your tissues and vital organs. Stimulates the lymph system your body’s natural defense against toxic elements.

Relazes Overused Muscles

 Working with your muscles brings them into a neutral and balanced position allowing greater range of motion and flexibility in your joint area, and decreasing pain in areas such as your low back, knees, shoulder and elbows.


Treat yourself to gifts of healing with our many wellness programs.

 Therapeutic massage and relaxation therapy is an important part of a balanced  healing and wellness life style. It’s a documented fact that reducing the effect of stress on the mind and body makes you healthier.


whether you suffer with headaches, back aches, whiplash, a fall, surgery, pregnancy,  long term effects of poor posture, tension of your daily life and other ailments, treating  yourself to massage means you're taking a positive step towards a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


Our Chinese certified and trained therapeutic massage professionals are here to serve and assist you in your relaxation and wellness needs. We also offer the convenience of purchasing Chinese Herbs



 Pain Treatment for:

Waist Pain

Neck Pain

Shoulder Pain

Low Back Pain

joint swelling and pain


Arthritis Rheumatism

Tennis Elbow








Dit Da Massage

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